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A Special hybrid gourmet popping corn

About Us

Karamson Investment Inc.(USA) and Fasskaramson Investment Limited.(Nigeria) was established in 2008 as a family business. We proudly offer a special hybrid of popcorn kernel that is superior to current popcorn grain on the market. Karamson Gold Popcorn kernel is a favorite with vendors and consumers alike. It is sold in many movie theaters, schools, and venues. Not only do we provide superior customer service, but our products speak for themselves. Dealers keep coming back to us for our exceptional popcorn grain that brings in profits.

Karamson Investment Inc. also offers a variety of popcorn machines capable of handling small to large events. Our machines are capable of serving between 150 and 300 people hourly, depending on the model. Our machines are great for use in theaters, or even small venues like homes or pubs.

After a long research and evaluation process, Karamson Gold Popcorn grain was born when a new, hybrid grain proved its consistency with superior flavor, texture, and kernel size. Karamson Gold Popcorn kernels expand to produce twice the amount of popcorn when compared to a similar quantity of other kernel brands.

Our company started in response to a need for superb kernels that pop consistently larger and fluffier than the current popcorn grain on the market. At first, we focused on exporting containers of our special popcorn grain from the United States to Nigeria, but we now export our products from the U.S. and Argentina to various cities around West Africa. Karamson Gold Popcorn is now headquartered in two continents. We presently have two offices in the U.S. and warehouses in Nigeria, West Africa. In 2012, we started planning efforts to add more inventory and more employees to our current staff.

We at Karamson Investment Inc.(USA) and Fasskaramson Investment Limited.(Nigeria) treat our customers with the utmost respect. Our motto is “customers are king,” and we always deliver on our promise of exceptional products. We personally deliver every kernel ordered with our company branded vehicles, and our employees representing Karamson Gold Popcorn grain with pride.

We are presently proud to add more products to our business line, like popcorn oil, salt, seasoning, flavors and other popcorn materials.


Pop Weaver Company is the leading popcorn kernel manufacturing company in the USA and around the globe. The name Pop Weaver represent nothing but excellent quality in popcorn industry. Karamson Investment Inc. is privileged to team up with Pop Weaver Company and we are delighted to assume the responsibility of sole distributorship and marketing of their various products.

Karamson Investment Inc. is the sole distributor and marketer of Pop Weaver Products in the State of Georgia.

We are always looking for prospective dealers and marketers from around the world. Interested parties can contact us today via email or telephone.