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A Special hybrid gourmet popping corn

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Additional Services

We also specialize in procurement of Industrial popcorn machines and packaging machines, peeling machines, peanut butter grinder and many more food processing equipments.


Welcome to Karamson Gold

Karamson Investment Inc. and Fasskaramson Investment Limited are popular supplier of superior popcorn kernels and popcorn machines. Our popcorn rivals other brands on the market due to its higher expansion rate, sizable kernels, and pleasant taste that has customers coming back for more.

Customers always enjoy eating Karamson Gold Popcorn for its easy digestibility, great flavor, and fluffy texture. Our popcorn makes a great addition to any movie theater or large event where people eat this snack.

Our unique, hybrid popcorn is the result of many months of research and development. We spent much time and energy working on creating the “perfect” popcorn kernel that delivers consistently well. In order to create the ideal kernel, we worked with various suppliers and farmers to find out how to grow the best possible kernels for popping. You will find that our kernels consistently drive up your profit margin and out-pop other brands. Our team is proud to say that we supply the optimal expansion rate for the best-tasting popcorn on the market.

Currently, we deliver Karamson Gold Popcorn kernels to different West African townships, and we are looking forward to expanding our presence around the world. The number of employees has more than doubled in the past few years, and we are now adding more vehicles and trailers to our inventory.

Karamson Investment Inc. and Fasskaramson Investment Limited. works with customers to supply the best popcorn kernels found anywhere. Our drivers will personally deliver the bags of kernels to your facility and help you with any questions.


Pop Weaver Company is the leading popcorn kernel manufacturing company in the USA and around the globe. The name Pop Weaver represent nothing but excellent quality in popcorn industry. Karamson Investment Inc. is privileged to team up with Pop Weaver Company and we are delighted to assume the responsibility of sole distributorship and marketing of their various products.

Karamson Investment Inc. is the sole distributor and marketer of Pop Weaver Products in the State of Georgia.

For more information, read our Products page to see what sets us apart from our competitors. If you would like to try our product, contact Karamson Investment Inc. or Fasskaramson investment Ltd today and find out why people love our product.